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The origins of an innovative start-up: the creation of Jarvis

Jarvis. Logistic&Tracking is the tracking system that allows you to collect all the information related to every single package within your storage and/or packing area, quickly and easily and in real time, by simply scanning a QR code.

An innovative and unique start-up, created thanks to the partnership with a packaging and logistics company with nearly thirty years of experience. The know-how contained in the web app comes from years of experience in these fields.

The main motivations behind the conception of Jarvis stem from this partnership:

· Need for constant monitoring of goods;

· Immediate retrieval of information;

· Saving of time;

· Saving of money;

· Elimination of human error on all fronts;

· Total customization according to the needs of companies and various users.

The first meetings and trials to create Jarvis date back to 2016. The platform development starts in advance compared to the solutions of competitors in the industry. Its greatest quality is the experience absorbed thanks to its partner who, even now still contributes with an ever-expanding network of users.

This platform was created due to the necessity of monitoring all stages of the shipment of goods. The idea is to create a virtual assistant that is able to support the operator in the field and the project manager in the office, giving them all the information needed related to packages being processed, at any time and in any place, as it can be used on any digital device.

So far, many logistic companies use the web app: some use it for managing shipments or packing lines, and others use it only for supervising the status of their packages or those of their business partners.

This tool, in fact, is extremely flexible and fully customizable to be adapted to the needs of all logistics companies that have the necessity to carry out shipments, manage warehouses, pack materials or, more simply, supervise these phases.

Since its launch, Jarvis has expanded exponentially on all fronts, and after three years of development, testing and updating, the innovative start-up ILT was officially created in 2019.

Today Jarvis, with the aim to improve the use of this app and the user experience and to add more and more new innovative features, is constantly subjected to updates and new releases. Each feature is field-tested in order to provide to the end user a powerful professional logistic tool.


Discover Jarvis, our tracking system that provides all the information of the items in a shipment in real time >



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