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Application updates and new releases: the geolocalization

Jarvis. Logistic&Tracking is an advanced tracking system that has revolutionized business logistics. It consists of a powerful and flexible web app, suitable for all logistics companies that need to make shipments, manage warehouses, pack materials or supervise all these activities. It allows you to gather information related to every single package within your storage and/or packing area, in real time, by simply scanning a QR Code thanks to the web application.

This system is designed to simplify the tracking of shipments, by offering logistics experts a reliable and highly accurate solution.

With the aim to constantly improve the use of this app and the user experience, and to add new features, Jarvis is constantly subjected to updates and new releases. One of the features recently added regards the geolocalization of goods.

The geolocalization of batches with Jarvis

The feature of geolocalization allows operators to locate the batches within their storage area simply by scanning the QR Code. In this way the operators know precisely the stage of processing of the items or simply the warehouse in which the items are storaged.

Moreover, it allows logistics companies to know exactly the coordinates of goods, for which this function has been enabled, whatever the point of storage chosen in the world.

Here are some features:

1. Transparent visualization: logistic operators and the person in charge of the shipping have access to a real- time visualization of locations on an interactive map via the mobile app or the web dashboard.

2. Automatic updates: location updates are given automatically, allowing a constant monitoring of shipments without asking manual updates and continuous messages.

3. Tracking history: Jarvis records a detailed tracking history, which can be used to analyze performances in the past, to improve the efficiency and to make informed decisions.

Using Jarvis for geolocalization of goods offers several advantages:

1. Absolute accuracy: Thanks to real-time GPS, the highest accuracy in geolocalization of stored items is guaranteed.

2. Operational efficiency: automatic tracking reduces the need for manual updates, enabling logistics teams to work more efficiently.

3. Cost reduction: the accuracy of GPS tracking can help reduce costs associated with shipment delays and losses.

4. Better customer service: the ability to provide real-time information to customers improves the overall customer experience.

5. Improved planning: the analysis of historical data enables more accurate planning and optimization of logistics operations.


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