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Smartest Logistic & Tracking system

Jarvis. Logistic&Tracking is the tracking system that allows you to collect all the information related to every single package within your storage and packaging area, quickly and easily in real time. This system is extremely flexible and fully customizable to be adapted to the needs of logistic companies that have to carry out shipments, manage warehouses, pack goods, and supervise all these activities.

Thanks to this system, it is possible to optimize the process of identification and classification of items and tracking procedures for packing and storing goods.

This innovative startup is spinoff of a logistic and packing company. All the know-how in the app comes from twenty-five-years of experience in packing and logistic. Every feature is tested on the field so the end user has access to a powerful professional logistic tool.

The main purpose of Jarvis is to reduce errors, time and costs during the movement and storage of the goods. Our potential is precision, speed and ease of use. All the process are supervised by an Artificial Intelligent Engine that will prevent errors in order to save money and avoiding mistakes.

How Jarvis works

We use QR code technology to identificate, track and do even more on logistic items. The app is web based to make it easy to manage data and multimedia content.

The application is very intuitive and it works on any device: PC, smartphone or tablet. By scanning the QR Code of a package or of a single item the logistic operator can view all the information about it including location, size, weight, identification photos and its current status.

Jarvis enables a faster recognition process of the goods to be packed, uploading images and videos every time an operation is carried out on the package.

By logging in with your credentials, you can interact by entering notes or other information. All the data or photographs you put in Jarvis is immediately stored on the server and all the people interested on it can access to it at the same time.

Jarvis also makes customers operations easier through a dedicate QR Code. Customers are able to view the goods and their related documentation. You can also enable the recipient to view certain steps of the process with the smart search you can find each item quickly and accurately.

Discover Jarvis, our tracking system that provides all the information of the items in a shipment in real time >



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