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Jarvis: the unloading process

Jarvis. Logistic&Tracking is the tracking system that allows you to collect all the information related to every single package within your storage and packaging area, quickly and easily in real time. This system is extremely flexible and fully customizable to be adapted to the needs of logistic companies that have to carry out shipments, manage warehouses, pack goods, and supervise all these activities.

Thanks to this system, it is possible to optimize the process of identification and classification of items and tracking procedures for packing and storing goods by simply scanning a QR code.

Jarvis application is available both on computers, so that it can be used by office staff, and on mobiles to be used also by operators while working on the field.

It is possible to divide the Jarvis system into two main stages:

1. The unloading phase of the packages.

2. The loading phase.

The unloading phase

Once the vehicle reaches the terminal it is identified, the reception office creates an “unloading” activity in the system and the related QR code is generated. During this phase, purely burocratic, all the information regarding the customer and the transport is entered, some examples: the total number of packages to be unloaded, the orders, the vehicle license plate, date and time of unloading, the warehouse where the unloading takes place, allocation and sub-allocation, the delivery note and its number, the number of packages, waybill…

The office creates also a QR code for every single package of the order. These codes will follow the goods throughout the entire process within the terminal. The operator, in charge of the unloading, has to place the QR code on each package.

At this point, by scanning the QR code, called unloading QR code, the operator starts the most practical part of the process, by taking photographs of all the phases of the unloading, before and after the removal of goods from the truck.

Then the QR codes are applied for all items. These codes contain photographs, information regarding each specific item such as dimension, weight, any reservations (damage, rust, wet goods…), any instructions for shipping or packaging.

Once the packages have been unloaded, the QR code is given to the reception office. The latter returns the stamped and signed delivery note to the truck driver to confirm that the goods have been delivered and to state any non-conformities.

In conclusion, Jarvis sends an automatic e-mail to the customer, in which there is a link that contains all the information related to the goods.


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