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Jarvis: the smartest way to manage your items.

The optimization of goods flow, packaging and inventory represents the vital part for logistics companies. Nowadays, a tracking system of goods is even more necessary to guarantee an efficient management of storage and shipping, especially for those companies that handle large multipack orders.

Jarvis is a tracking system that collects all the information related to each single package within the storage and packaging area, easily and quickly, in real time. Therefore, it is possible to optimize the process of identification and classification of items and the tracking the procedures related to the packing and the storage of goods.

Jarvis app is available both on laptops, so that it can be used by office staff, and on mobiles to be used also by operators while working in the field.

Qr Code Tracking

The unloading phase

When the tructor-trailer arrives to the packing warehouse, the operator in charge creates an “unloading” activity in the system and adds transport information and customer specifications, order reference, delivery note, photographs and videos, numbers of packages that will be unloaded.

For each package, Jarvis generates a QR code that is attached to the item. By scanning the code, the operator will insert all the data related to the single package (weight, dimensions etc…) together with the reference photo.

From this moment on, all the items are entered in Jarvis system. Operators by simply scanning the QR code, are directed to the right page of the portal to enter the information related to the process, allowing the operator to register each operation easily and quickly.

They can, for example, inform about the type of packaging that a certain package needs, its characteristics (weight, dimensions…) which package will be stored… Jarvis allows to track the goods that are stored in different warehouse and on different shelves, through the information entered by the operator or through the GPS tracking.

Moreover, in each phase, the operator in charge has the possibility to enclose some photographs to increase the information and the precision of the operation.

The loading phase

After the packaging, the loading phase takes place in order to ship the goods to the customer company. The operator, by scanning the QR code, can enter all types of information about different items, such as the type of packaging, the plate number of the truck that will move the package, the container identification code, the seal code, the photographs of the loading and any other documents.

Jarvis offers the possibility to track each operation from the unloading phase, when the goods are unloaded in the warehouse and labelled with the QR code, to the shipment towards the customer company.


Discover Jarvis, our tracking system that provides all the information of the items in a shipment in real time >

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