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Track your goods using Jarvis

Monitoring goods during shipment is a critical matter for a company, particularly with very large multi-package orders. This is not easy and requires an immense amount of time and human resources as well as increased costs and possibilities of mistakes.

That’s why Jarvis was born. Jarvis - Logistic&Tracking is a powerful tracking system for efficient and innovative logistics whose main objective is to provide all the information of the items in a shipment in real time anywhere you are, with everything at your fingertips.

It is the smartest way to manage them through an app web based.

Jarvis tracking software

This innovative startup is the spinoff of a logistics and packing company with twenty-five-year of experience. All the know-how in the app comes from years of experience in packing and logistics. Every feature is tested on the field so the end user has access to a powerful professional logistic tool.

The application is very intuitive, easy to use and works on any device: PC, smartphone or tablet. By scanning the QR Code of a package or of a single item it’s possible to view all the information about it including location, size, weight, identification photos and its current status.

By logging in with your credentials, you can interact by entering notes or other information.

Jarvis enables a faster recognition process of the goods to be packed, uploading images and videos every time an operation is carried out on the package. Let’s take as an example the shipment of a big manufacturing plant. Each phase can be recorded starting from the dismantling at the customer site where every order is separated info different packages. Then every operation on the items, like packing, moving, loading on trucks or containers, is recorded and stored in realtime.

Jarvis also makes customs operations easier through a dedicate QR Code. Customs is able to view the goods and their related documentation. You can also enable the recipient to view certain steps of the process with the smart search you can find each item quickly and accurately.


Ease-of-use with a smartphone or a tablet reliability and decrease the percentage of errors, considerable time saving, Smart Search, integration with other ERPs, real-time update, customizable and innovative service that projects your company toward the future.

This is Jarvis. Discover more here >



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