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Application updates and new releases: automatic invoicing of goods in storage

Jarvis. Logistic&Tracking is the powerful and flexible tracking system suitable for all logistic companies that need to make shipments, manage warehouses, pack materials, or supervise all these activities. It allows you to collect information related to every single package placed in the storage and/or packing area in real time, simply by scanning a QR Code thanks to the web application.

With the aim of constantly improve the use of this app, the user experience and to add new features, Jarvis is constantly subjected to updates and new releases. The latest in importance, regards the automatic invoicing of goods in storage.

The possibility to automatically calculate the cost of the storage of goods in the warehouse/s was, in fact, recently added.

It is an automatization that calculates the square meters of goods, placed in the storage and/or packing area (organized by customers and possibly by customer order or code), and multiplies them by the cost per square meter. In this way, an economic quantification for the warehouse can be obtained automatically.

Moreover, Jarvis is able to go back to the day and time of unloading in the warehouse, through the Unloading procedure created in the system, and eventually it is able also to go back to the day and time of loading, through the Loading procedure, so that it can calculate automatically the storage period of goods in the storage area.

At the end of the month, Jarvis is able to create a report divided by customers summarizing all inventories (square meter and storage period), calculating the cost to be invoiced according to the price that was applied. In addition, it is always possible to trace back the goods and eventually the different warehouses and/or suppliers.

Thanks to the integration of the internal management and Jarvis system, invoicing is simplified. Jarvis, in fact, provides to the management software all the information necessary to fill out the invoice.


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